Etsy Review: JennyKrafts’ Bag Organizer

JennyKrafts customizable bag organizer

5 stars

This purse organizer is amazing! I got it in Rose for my Neverfull. One little zipper on the side was just not enough for me. It fits in my purse perfectly, and adds a good amount of structure while remaining flexible.

every color of the bag organizer available

I was so sick of losing everything to the bottom of my purse. I swear, I’d have to empty it out and reorganize it every week, and I’d find so many pens and lipsticks and packs of tissue being useless at the bottom. Not to mention never being able to find my phone or wallet right when I needed it.

But no longer! This purse organizer is great. So many compartments for all my things. I feel like I’m going to save an hour every day, just by not having to dig around and waste time trying to find things.

I got the one with a spot for my water bottle. I’m always nervous about it tipping over and leaking in my bag. The bottle compartment not only makes it easy to find and grab my water, it keeps it perfectly upright to prevent spills.

Shipping does take a while, since it comes all the way from China. So be careful if you are ordering this just before a trip.

Check it out here.